Heartworm Prevention:

We dispense Sentinel heartworm prevention medication to our dog patients to prevent heartworms (which are transmitted by mosquito bites to dogs) and to aid in reducing flea infestations because Sentinel contains luefeneron which interferes with flea egg and larval development.  Dogs should be tested before starting this medication if they have not been on a heartworm preventative previously.

Flea Control:

We dispense Advantage II for topical use on cats and dogs.

We dispense Cheristan topical for use on cats.

We dispense Comfortis, an oral prescription medication, that kills adult fleas on the animal.  This medication is also approved for use in cats, although the tablet size requires that it be split and given in 2-4 ‘doses’ for the average sized cat.  This is because the drug was originally formulated as a chewable flavored tablet for dogs and the size accommodates that flavoring.  Cats, as we know, are not tricked by so-called ‘flavored’ medications.  We have found that splitting the dose between a morning and evening administration may also reduce the rare side effect of vomiting.


We carry Hills Prescription Diet foods which come in various formulations to aid in disease treatment and prevention.  It is important that some cats and dogs be on these foods to reduce incidence of diseases like urinary calculi (stones and crystals), diabetes, chronic digestive upset, kidney insufficiency and weight management.


Pain Management:

Be sure to ask about managing pain with your pet.  We carry several types of anti-inflammatories as well as prescribe other medications as indicated.  Some of the NSAIDS that we stock include meloxicam, a liquid formulation, carprofen–also known as Rimadyl, and Derammax, a flavored chewable tablet.

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