Oakland Veterinary Hospital provides general veterinary care for dogs and cats.  Annual examinations with any necessary vaccines are encouraged and reminders are sent to our clients by post card.  A complete physical examination is performed on all patients prior to vaccination and advice regarding nutrition, weight control, exercise requirements, behavior issues, and health maintenance for all stages of your pet’s life are discussed.

Oakland Veterinary Hospital has a full service “in house” laboratory that allows us to perform complete blood counts and blood chemistry tests, analyze and culture urine, and evaluate needle aspirates of skin growths, etc.  We also routinely submit laboratory samples to a certified veterinary laboratory.

Dr. Dorsey will perform abdominal ultrasounds as needed.  We can also have a board certified veterinary radiologist come to our facility to perform ultrasounds and ultrasound guided biopsies, and cardiac ultrasound evaluations.

We are equipped to do radiographs and have  added digital dental radiography to our equipment and perform radiographs on all dental cleanings.  Hidden pathology of tooth root disease is best detected with dental radiographs, and proper cleaning of dog and cat teeth is done on anesthetized animals; they just will not lie back and open their mouths for us!

General surgeries such as ovariohysterectomies and castrations are performed in our hospital using gas anesthesia with monitoring of the patient’s blood pressure, oxygen level, and cardiac function by both mechanical monitors and a dedicated staff person.  Post operative analgesia (pain medication) is tailored to the individual animal’s needs.  We are also equipped to perform other surgical procedures like removal of growths, abdominal exploratory, wound repair and eyelid surgeries.  We do not perform orthopedic surgeries like fracture repair or torn ligament repairs, but can refer to specialists or sometimes have a board certified surgeon come to our hospital to perform the necessary surgery.

Boarding of patients is available as space allows.  There is a dedicated staff person assigned to care for boarding patients and they are attended to at least twice daily, even when our business hours are closed.

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